Parish Priest : Rev. Fr. Venus Praveen Colaco

Born on : 26-02-1975
Ordained on : 02-05-2002
Parish Priest charge from: May, 2012


Message from Parish Priest :

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Rev. Fr. Venus, the Parish Priest

"United we stand, divided we fall," so goes the saying. Unity is the need of the hour. Today there is a greater need than ever for sharing our visions, goals, hopes and aspirations. Such an open sharing creates a bond of unity and fellowship. A website is the best means to foster unity by sharing our experiences. "The whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul" (Acts 4:21).

The early Christians lived like a family with a deep sense of communion. They shared their joys and sorrows, their success and failures. There was a bond of unity which held them together even in adversity. The Parish community has to reflect the life of the early Christians. "We are in the same boat, sailing to the same port," says our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Sharing of views and news increases a sense of belongingness and oneness in the Parish. May this website bind us together in love and unity. 
Our sincere gratitude to Rev. Fr. Clarence Dias, the Director of Social Communications Centre for designing this website for our Parish. We remain grateful to all of you for your constant support to this Parish. May the Lord Bless you all. Rev. Fr. Venus Praveen Colaco Parish Priest.
Rev. Fr. Venus Colaco
Parish Priest


Asst. Parish Priests 


Asst. Parish Priest charge Ordained on




Rev. Fr. Pius D'Souza




from : June, 2013








Rev. Santhosh Fernandes S.J.




Till July 2014




Rev. Balaraju S.J.



from July 2014




Fr. Innacimuthu MSFS




 till May 2017




Fr. Sudeep Andrews





 from May 2017




Shanthi Ashram, Bhimanakone, Sagar.
Superior : Fr. Benny K. A.,

 Br. Sunil Fernandes



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