Sagar, December 1, 2013 :  It was a day of joy at Sagar Church when the entire Parish gathered to celebrate Mission Sunday on 1st December. Many families contributed vegetables, chicken and fruits from their garden for the auction. Each Small Christian Community arranged food stalls. All enjoyed the lucky games conducted by children and youth. The eventful day ended with an orchestra by the musicians of the parish. 
A day of joy, a day of cheer, year after year, Mission Sunday, is a day that everybody fondly looks forward to. It is the day when parishioners are reminded that they once received the Faith due to the sacrifices of numerous people, and now in turn they are bound to make sacrifices of their own to carry on the noble task of Evangelization.  Though the parishioners are economically backward, they are exhorted to dedicate themselves for the cause of Evangelization, which is Our Lord’s final command.  The Holy Father’s Message for Mission Sunday is explained in detail on four preceding Sundays during the Homily in order to prepare the parishioners for the unique event of the year.

Each family was given a Printed envelope with their names written on it just a few days before Mission Sunday. They were expected to put their offering in the envelopes and give them on Mission Sunday during the offertory. In addition to this, Animators of Small Christian Communities went from house to house collecting materials to be auctioned on Mission Sunday. People generously gave rice, hen, coconuts, bananas, vegetables and other useful things for the auction. Some even donated statues, saplings, and dress materials for the auction.
On the Mission Sunday, there was a meaningful liturgical celebration with the theme, "Do Good on Earth" which was the theme of the Holy Father's Message. All the parishioners participated actively. Offertory was collected by the Main Celebrant along with the Con-celebrants. When the Envelopes were opened the total collection was Rs. 47,172.00. Soon after Mass, Small Christian Communities sold Rice Pulav, Chicken, Pork, Idli, Dosa, Holige and other delicacies. All the people had a sumptuous breakfast. The auction that followed attracted a large number of people of all faiths. The amount collected from Food Stalls and Games was Rs. 84,429.00 while the auction fetched Rs. 23,010. 
As the auction went on, the members of Y.C.S. and I.C.Y.M. associations conducted several lucky games like Housie Housie, Dice etc with full of vigour. Those who participated in the games had lots of fun. The total collection on Mission Sunday was Rs. 1,54,611/-. Enthusiasm for evangelization has been increasing over the years. There is also increasing effort by the Small Christian Communities to raise more amounts for Mission Sunday. The parishioners are looking forward to the next Mission Sunday, and they aim to collect more this time.

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