As the curtains were drawn for the church building construction all the parishioners sighed deeply because their long time dream has been finally fulfilled. We really feel grateful to Almighty for providing us generous hearts for financial support and brave hearts to toil day and night. The whole process has been a great experience to all of us which could never be forgotten in our lives. There were ups and downs on our way yet all stood firm reposing our faith in the Lord and trusting in our own hard work.

As a result we all bear witness to a colossal, fabulous, ostentatious new church in our parish. At this juncture when we take a look at the building of its initial stage and now any one would marvel at the systematic, artistic and efficient work. All this was possible only with a proper vision and mission which remained a road map throughout the time of construction. Hence at this moment we profoundly remember the Divine blessings and human support. May God bless us all.









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