Sagar, January 29: "Children are leaders in the making," said Mr. V.P. Lobo, Chief Managing Director of T3 Urban Developers, Mumbai.

Addressing the children and the parents at the Personality Development and Career Building Programme held on the occasion of the Children's Jubilee, he said that success belongs to the courageous.  The Lion is neither the tallest nor the fastest of the animals in the jungle but is still the king of the jungle because of its courage. Dhirubhai Ambani, Abdul Kalaam, Rajnikant and Dhoni had humble beginnings.  But they could reach the height of success because of their courage and hard work. We all need to strive hard to achieve success.  Today there are smart phones.  But smart phones are in foolish hands. We need to use media wisely, he said. One should have a deep faith and spirituality to climb up the ladder of success, he added.






The jubilee celebration began with a solemn Mass during which there were special prayers for the Children. After the input session, children enjoyed a sumptuous lunch followed by some games.

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Children's Jubilee was celebrated as a part of the year long faith formation programmes held at St. Joseph's Church to mark the Post Centenary Silver Jubilee of the Parish.