Sagar, 14th May: "Meeting is accidental but parting is inevitable" said ICYM member Mr. Rajith Gomes. He was wishing adieu to Rev. Fr. Innacimuthu and Bro. Sunil Fernandes, who completed their term at St. Joseph's Parish. He appreciated the selfless service of Fr. Innacimuthu and Bro. Sunil as people expressed their gratitude with a loud applause. The new Assistant Parish Priest, Fr. Sudeep, was given a cordial welcome on the occasion.

Fr. Innacimuthu and Bro. Sunil were felicitated on behalf of the Parish by the Parish Priest, Fr. Venus and Fr. Sudeep. Women's Association, YCS and ICYM members too felicitated Fr. Innacimuthu and Bro. Sunil.
















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