“Whatever you do to the least of my Brethren you do unto me”. This saying of the scripture was our main source of inspiration which drove all of us to visit Home for the Aged. We all YCS members soon after mass on Sunday 21st September 2014 visited "Home for the Aged" in Ikkeri. We spent some time with them listening to their joys and sorrows. People who have spent their lives for the upbringing of their children have now landed here as strangers and loners. Sometimes it looks mystery but in the modern world this is the fact of life. “Once you become nonproductive no matter whoever you are, you will be considered as a liability” was the emotional heart rendering words of the inmates. At once we did feel angry towards their children and all those who are reason for their condition at the time we also learnt to uphold the dignity of human person. We shared some snacks with them and enquired about their health condition. Indeed it was a moving rather disturbing experience for all of us.



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